A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-li... A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-like units (nucleotides) in the center carries information. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Society has blindly adopted the assumption that people who adopt a gay lifestyle are BORN THAT WAY.

If that was true then people could not be held accountable for homosexuality as a moral choice, since that would mean they did not choose to be that way. If people were BORN THAT WAY it would mean they are a unique category of RACE.

But DNA proves people are NOT BORN THAT WAY.

Worldwide, many DNA tests have tried to prove people are BORN THAT WAY and have only proven the opposite.

People ARE NOT BORN THAT WAY, rather it is a matter of moral choice and therefore it is an accountable behavior choice to be homosexual.

Race is biological. Behavior is not.

The American Psychiatric Association asserted that people are born gay and therefore have no choice and responsibilities for being homosexual. Genetic tests have been unable to find such evidences to support the American Psychiatric Association assertion.
The APA has formally admitted a genetic link to homosexuality has not been found despite much searching.

A similar genetic assumption about Native Americans and cases of near 50% alcoholism on some reservations made many assume a genetic link was to blame. No genetic link has been found to shift cause from sociological pressures to biological predisposition.(2006)

Behavior is not a basis for race or laws formed to benefit a genuine definition of race.

We need to protect the integrity of the definition of genuine race.

We need laws that would define the difference between what is race and what is behavior.
It must be repeated, We adopted a false assumption that homosexuality is not a choice and people are therefore not accountable for it and it can’t be called a moral issue , but homosexuality is a choice, and one we are accountable for.
With DNA proof that men are born men and women are born women, conservatives can now draft laws to protect traditional marriage without even mentioning marriage. State laws could require genetic or ancestral proof of race minority status in order to grant protected status rights and the right to marry. The basis for discrimination is a genuine race.

Harassment is not the same as discrimination. We must not confuse them.

Both are wrong, but are not the same issue.
DNA is legal evidence in court, and to date no conclusive evidence exists to prove the assumption that people are,”born that way”.
Race is biological.Behavior is not a basis for race. Therefore GLBT IS behavior.Race should be based on genetic data. GLBT “assumption” is “born that way”. Since DNA is established evidence in court, and the evidence disproves the “born that way assumption,any new laws will be based on facts, not assumptions.The American Psychiatric Association stated an unproven assumption that they believed people were ,”Born that way” decades before DNA proof to the contrary even existed. APA conceded no genetic proof in a still available 2008 pamphlet titled,”Answers to your questions about Homosexuality.”
We have reached a state where we are now legislating behaviors that have negative results on society. Some places have been doing so longer and are now hearing court cases for legitimizing previously unheard of behaviors. The same bogus assumption that they were born that way is the basis for those who would make the currently illegal into legitimate.

Tons of clinical study DATA exists today from all over the world, and none has proven the,”born that way”,theory. This assumption has been the basis for legislation that will continue to give special privileges to behaviors instead of biology that will ultimately lead to societal destruction.
If you wonder what I personally know about homosexuality and why I feel qualified to comment, this is the reason why.
I grew up the youngest of 6 boys. I had no sisters.
2 of my older brothers were homosexual and have died of AIDS related illnesses. I saw how they struggled with something more like sexual addiction , and how our father frightened them and therefore never bonded with them. My brothers never felt accepted as men by their father and therefore lacked a healthy male self image.
Please consider legislation that will require genetic and ancestral proof of race and minority status to receive protected status and marital rights.
And for those who desire to change, they will at least have the hope they receive from the knowledge of that fact that they were not born that way.

Please check out what is available on the internet in regards to the assumption that people are ,”born that way”, or ,”naturally gay”, and the race and subsequent inalienable rights afforded at great cost to those who are a unique and legitimate race unto themselves.
Because the integrity of what is defined as race at stake.
Behavior does not constitute race, therefore the moral integrity of being homosexual is dependent on the moral acceptability of that behavior and the basis for concluding such.
We all agree that race is biologically verifiable by genetic testing and DNA.
After decades of clinical testing to find such from institutions world wide, we have no such proof.
Any test that seems to show these signs is disproved by the next test because clear evidence of ,”naturally gay”, does not exist.
We were told by the American Psychiatric Association,(APA),back in the late 80s- early 90s, that their opinion was that people are,” born that way.”
The APA made that statement long before we had DNA science sophisticated enough to prove or disprove such a claim.
In 2008 the APA admitted they could not genetically prove that claim in a pamphlet they still have published at their web site, titled,(Answers to Your Questions About Homosexuality). I believe the lack of proof statement is on page two and the fourth paragraph down.
I grew up with five older brothers, two of which were gay and died of AIDS related cancers.
Understanding homosexuality has been a matter of life long reflection and based on knowledge that only brothers share.

Our Supreme Court has much more to consider here.

I pray they have the debate now that we should have had long ago before the APA turned public opinion without any genetic evidence.

Christians believe both race and sexuality are sacred.

To grant marriage rights to homosexuals violates the integrity of the definition of what is called race, and the sacredness of sexuality as nature defines it in both procreation and pleasure within marriage of two genetically unique people of the opposite sex.

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