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Islamophobia is Only a Phobia if there is Nothing to Fear – How Do We Know Islam is a Religion of Peace? 

Let’s start the discussion we should have had long ago.

Is Islam a religion of peace? Yes or no


How do we know? What is the basis for our conclusion?

A rational civil discussion. 

Insults and crude language we be sandblasted off this post, as will ridicule. 


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Let’s compare what Muhammad said about minorities  to what Trump says about Muslims. Who wins?

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David Wood draws distinction between Criticism of religions and criticism of the people of those religions. Just as Christianity is a religion and Christians are people, so it is that Islam is a religion and Muslims are people. All people have equal worth. Religions however are ideologies comprised of beliefs, values, and percieved truth claims that are hierarchical. All truths are not equal. 

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