He’s one of the ten riches people in the world, George Soros funds Democratic campaigns across America from prosecuting attorneys to State Attorney Generals, to President of the United States. He was Hillary’s biggest donor. He groomed Obama to run for senator and then president. He wants the world to be under a single government. But he startedgaining wealth as a snitch for the Nazis. He turned thousands over to be executed in death camps, then he took thier belongings.
He has said that American Sovereignty as a nation is the biggest obstacle to globalization . 

Any politician who accepts campaign contributions from Soros makes themselves an accomplice in his purpose.

His Open Boarders Foundation funnels millions to MoveOn.org who funds rioters in places like Ferguson Missouri and the Trump rally in Chicago that had to be cancelled . 

He was convicted of insider trading in France.

He lives in the United States.