Ravi’s Message at the Under God Indivisible Leadership Conference.

If you don’t know Ravi Zacharias you should.

Christians admire him as one of the greatest Christian thinkers alive.

Many Atheists know him as their most formidable foe.

I think of him as a gift from God, and a man whom God has gifted with the greatest Christian mind I know of,.. yet the heart of this Christian thinker is at least as humble as his mind is remarkable.

Zacharias is sought out by thousands worldwide as he speaks at many of the highest learning institutions in the world, as well as assemblies of government officials of various countries around the globe.

This 5 1/2 minute video packs a powerful appeal and a stern warning for all Christians and Peoples.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to all that plagues our society, and we need to regain and proclaim this message;

That Christ came into the world to live as we should, to suffer as we deserve, to die the death we are due, and to defeat death for us and give new life to all who will receive it by faith. It is free for the asking by the weary soul who needs forgiveness, and God’s mercy is lavished on all who desire to be restored to Him.

Following the 5 minute video is an interview with Ravi of about 20 minutes, followed by excerpts from his Clemson University, “Coexist?” Conference in which 9,000 people attended, making it Clemson’s largest non-athletic attendance ever.

Come back as you have time to absorb the wealth of knowledge, insight,and encouragement you will find here. You will be blessed!

God bless,