We think we have it.
But do we?
Every Christian denomination in the USA is feeling a degree of pain right now. Statistics show we are closing 3,600 Christian churches per year. We are told that 80% of Christian  churches have zero growth or are in decline.
And Christian denominational Leadership seems to be clueless.
I get really concerned when the guys I admire most, from the denominations I amire most are blind to our predicament!
Its almost as if Christ has, “taken away our candelstick. I fear we already are Ephasis of the Book of Revelation.
As a result, we have a lot of discussion about ,”What the Church in America Needs”,but I keep thinking of a few stories from the Bible as I read such articles.
Like when the disciples were in a boat on a lake and a storm threatened to capsize the boat. The disciples thought they were going to die,even though Christ was also  in their boat,(asleep, but there). He rebuked them for not having faith.
Or the time Jesus was at the tomb of His friend Lazarus and everyone was weeping even though He was there. He,”groaned in the Spirit “,every time they showed a lack of faith. Each time their comments and actions reflected that they overlooked the reality of who Christ was and what He can do, and He wept.
For every believer, Christ is both WITH and IN you! And He promised to never leave!
So why are we asking,”What America Needs”, as if Christ were neither present nor the answer?
Why is the Gospel Coalition Senior Editor defending a certain moralistic view of Calvinism as the answer to the same problems in the reformed church yet Christ is merely given honorable mention in that article? (“Reformed or Deformed”).
I believe Jesus still weeps as He wept over Jerusalem for He changes not.
I can imagine Him saying to us as He did to Jerusalem;
O America, America! How often I would gather you under my wings as a hen her chicks, but you would not.
I pray we take note and turn back.
Denominations can do a few things wrong and still be successful if they hold up Jesus as preeminent.

If the Son of Man makes us free,  then we are truly free indeed.
HE is the answer.
Christ, the Son of Man.
If you really want to celebrate, accept the redemption Christ alone could afford! And you will be free indeed!