The Simple Gospel, Simply Presented, Is Simply Profound.


Oh what a glorious day!!!!

The words of the song Glorious Day flow through my mind —

One day my Lord is coming and it will be a GLORIOUS DAY!!!

Although, the Lord didn’t come back today HE was very much present in this day — the day Casey came home!

In January 2012, I saw a newspaper article in our local newspaper about a young woman who lives in this area. She was a 15 yr old, high school tennis team paper, who had non-malignant brain tumor surgery for a tumor at the base of her brain near the brain stem.  The first surgery on December 6th was successful, however, complications developed and surgeons performed a 2nd surgery on December 13th which resulted in brain tissue and brain stem damage. The doctors told her family that she would be paralyzed from the next down with little hope of recovery. However, Casey soon proved…

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