Pride is about self and is killing our society and threatens our world.
Any institution therefore that appeals to selfish pride has to be a false reflection of what God is.

1 John “God is love.”

Love is selfless and giving. Love puts the needs of others first.

History records examples of times when Christianity has had a huge positive impact on society.

One example is from each of the Great Revivals , or Great Awakenings as they are also called. Everywhere, people just wanted to talk about Jesus and how wonderful He is. Even in the early and mid 1800’s people became Christians in numbers of one to two million converted per revival. Also, learning institutions and colleges sprang up everywhere this was true. Knowledge was shared instead of repressed. No other religion of the world has this as the mark of its impact. Science and Seminary thrived side by side.

This has been the mark of American Christian history. Our historical growth and development was born and fueled out of these learning institutions, most of which are well-known and still in existence today.

Many have also abandoned their Christian foundation and the heart of that which offers mankind’s only hope, for no other religion in its true form, as written in the Bible, offers freedom from oppression as does Christianity presented as God intended it to be.

Pride takes its toll on ALL institutions though. Many Christian institutions seem to have lost sight of this truth.

But not all.

We will build links with institutions who talk a lot about Jesus and very little or not at all about money.