DNA is a language, code, gnome, all which have the same meaning, an ordered sequence of information that results in all known life as it is.

The Creation story in the Bible records that all of creation came into being when God spoke and commanded it into being.

This is not random chance ,  order from chaos, or cosmic coincidence.

DNA is a detailed record of what God said with only four letters.

Yet our greatest scientists have only begun to decode the meaning of the Genetic Code and it’s meaning.
Sure. That is theist, rational and intellectual.

Perhaps men could more readily accept that God exists if they can believe that God is love.

The measure of God’s love is seen in what He was willing to do to re-connect with fallen mankind through Christ’s suffering and death.

Perhaps a better question is …

Can rational scientific minds observe the same and not compromise the integrity of the intellect for the sake of what their hearts refuse to accept ?